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A Clarification of the Catholic View of Homosexuality

So I've seen recently that (1) Cardinal Cupich refused to affirm any causal connection between homosexuality and the sex abuse crisis, and (2) the notion of homosexuality is nowhere to be found in the discussions at the summit concerning the same crisis, which makes me want to clarify a certain aspect of the Church's view on homosexuality. (I also think I just heard it on the radio, unless I misheard, which is pretty likely.)

The usual way that I think most Catholics try to appease their non-Catholic opponents on the issue of homosexuality is to make the distinction between homosexuality or a homosexual tendency, on the one hand, and homosexual actions, on the other. The Church, these Catholics will say, condemns the latter as sinful but not the former. The above stories, however, indicate to me that many Catholics, including Church prelates, it seems, are now interpreting homosexuality or a homosexual inclination being "not sinful" to mean that there is in fact not…

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