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Some thoughts on nature, logic, and same-sex attraction

Nature is what happens always or for the most part.

One of the first objections that I think most left-leaners hear to the idea of same-sex attraction is that it is "unnatural." This is often met with much scoff. "Are you saying that my gay relative/best friend is some kind of inhuman monster?" is one response. Another is "Clearly your view of nature is mistaken." Still another is "The idea of nature is bullocks. Things aren't naturally anything." Doubtless one could dispute the reason why so much scoff is thrown at the claim that same-sex attraction is unnatural; but after some reflection, something sticks out to me, and it has to do with the square of opposition.

Typically when someone says, "It is natural for this thing to be this way," many presume that he is saying, "This thing is always this way." Hence, were someone to say, "It is natural for dogs to have four legs," most, I think, would presume that he m…

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